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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mubadala Petroleum - Opportunities in Oil and Gas

Mubadala Petroleum - Opportunities in Oil and Gas

Seeking for following position:
- Project Services Manager (Malaysia)
- Planning and Investment Manager (Indonesia)
- Compensation and Benefits Specialist (United Arab Emirates)

- Assistant Manager, Communications (Malaysia)
- Sr. Associate Strategic Planning (United Arab Emirates)
- Sr. Reservoir Engineer (United Arab Emirates)
- Sr. Process / Concept Engineer (United Arab Emirates)
- Legal Officer (Thailand)
- Maintenance Electrical Engineer (Thailand)
- Senior Mechanical Maintenance Engineer (Thailand)
- Senior Production Engineer (Thailand)
- Drilling Engineer (Thailand)
- IT Administrator (Thailand)
- Senior Geologist - Development (Thailand)
- Team Leader Seismic Interpreter (Thailand)
- EPM Systems Assistant Manager (Singapore)
- GIS Specialist (United Arab Emirates)
- Geology and Assets Exploration Team Leader (Chief Geologist) (Indonesia)
- Accountant (Malaysia)
- HSE Manager (Bahrain)
- Senior Geologist - Petroleum Systems Analyst (Thailand)
- Assistant Financial Controller (Thailand)
- General Applications (United Arab Emirates)

To apply Visit >> http://www.jobinoilandgas.com/?p=75

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