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Monday, 26 May 2014


For all the guys wanting to work offshore and abroad take stock before you sign on the dotted line :
Yes the wage is good
Yes you can up your lifestyle with a nice home, car and Holidays
Yes the financial rewards are tempting
Yes it gets in your blood
Yes you see the world
Yes you get considerable time at home when you are at home
Yes you are in a cabin or prison cell for twelve hours a day and work the other twelve
Yes you have to share with people who snore and smell
Yes you have to put up with substandard cramped condition
Yes you see things you hope your kids never have to see
Yes you miss Family and loved ones
Yes Relationships will be strained and pushed to breaking point
Yes you will be out of complete contact for days sometimes weeks at a time
Yes you wish your life away when you are away
Yes you lay awake at night sometimes wondering "why do I do this" and "Is this really worth it"

No you will not make every party, BBQ, wedding or funeral
No you will not be home for Christmas or easter
No you will not be there for your children's birthdays
No you will not see your kids swim, ride a bike for the first time or be there to read stories at night
No you can't just pick up a phone or email your family whenever you like
No you will not be there to take them to watch sports games
No you will not be there for presentation nights, school plays or parent/teacher interviews
No you will not be there to see them win medals at school sports days
No you will not always be there during times of family crisis and feel helpless being so far away
No you might not be there to bury a family member or close friend

So, before anybody judges someone who has the guts and courage to work away to try and make a better life for themselves and those around them, DONT say "YOU MUST BE MINTED" or "YOUR LUCKY'.

These people sacrifice more than half of their life being away from loved ones to make their dreams come true.

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