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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cost Analyst

Cost Analyst
Based: Malaysia(Federal Territory/Kuala Lumpur)
Job Description
This role requires you to monitor the Latest Estimate (LE) against budget and taking an active role in reviewing the LE with stakeholders in order to develop actions to challenge, avoid expenditure, optimize cost or raise additional budget. You will need to prepare and consolidate budget data and ensuring a robust challenge process with the stakeholders to obtain high quality and cost-efficient budget.
You will need to
develop a solid understanding of all the Production Sharing Contract and Joint Operating Agreement terms in order to advise the stakeholders on the necessary obligations and compliance, which includes Additional Budget Request (ABR), Approval for Expenditure (AFE), material handling and others. Compliance with internal and external standards and procedures are necessary particularly for high risk areas, as well as attending to external audit queries (Petronas, JV Partners, external auditors) to provide clarity on activities/expenditure and cost recovery success.
To be successful in this role, a Degree in Finance/Accounting or professional accounting qualification with relevant work experience are needed. You will also need to have experience in cost management and planning processes, and possess SAP financial systems skills. Familiarity with Exploration and Production accounting policies and standards would be an advantage.
Work-Life Practices
• Flexi-hours
• Telecommuting
• Leaving Early From Work
• Designated car park bays
• Extended Maternity Leave
• Childcare Subsidy
• Support Network
• Paternity Leave
• Study/Exam Leave
Company Details
Menara Shell, Level 35, No.211 Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Federal Territory/Kuala Lumpur

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