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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Resume Services

1. Make a great first impression.
The first section of your resume shows a clear picture of the value you’ll bring to an employer. The headline and the summary section can be used to capture the reader’s superfluous attention by emphasizing outstanding successes, experience, expertise and professional qualities.
2. Select specific industries, businesses, and disciplines.
You cannot send the same resume to different companies for different jobs. Rather, you should customize each application for each employer. Your job search should focus on the targeted areas in industries, companies, businesses or services sector.
3. Highlight your expertise, capabilities, skills, and successes.
Contemplate your interests, experiences, skills, and achievements that you want to showcase to a potential employer. Try to add the obvious yet essential qualities of yours to make yourself unique and impress the employer. To have a satisfying career it is essential to understand your interests, expertise and qualities.

4. Improve readability.
Improve the readability of your resume by using the language that is comprehensive and understandable to those who make hiring decisions in these fields. Avoid using certain terms, phrases, and contractions that are distorted and unrecognizable outside of your workplace; as a result, reading your resume is like decoding a foreign language. Information on your resume should be easily and quickly gleaned and readable.
5. Quantify your career, job, and work life accomplishments.
Try to quantify and monetize your career, job, work, and life accomplishments and the complexity of your accountabilities. Always mention numbers, dollars, and percentages instead of just describing your responsibilities.(Mostly on Finance Side/Sales Marketing)
6. Polish and showcase accomplishments.
Reflect your past accomplishments, illustrate the value you’ll bring to a prospective company. Your resume should accentuate the outcomes you have delivered with precise examples. You should utilize this section with concise sentences and bullets to make these results stand out.
7. Resume length.
You should be very specific about your resume length; if you have of seven years of experience working at different positions, your resume should be less or 3 to 4 pages. With low work experience, write a 2 pages of resume.
Every day, thousands of employers search for candidates; taking the time to improve your resume will result in better chances of getting hired. Get started today!
Double your chances of getting the right job by keeping your resume updated.
Upgrade your resume/send your resume to shamresumeupgrading@gmail.com for review.
Here my candidates testimonial #11 to #20 for your review.
Terima Kasih /Thanks
Have A Nice Day
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Shamsul Bin Saiman
Consultant/Technical Manager
Medina Offshore Resources
FB/YM : shamsulsaiman@yahoo.com
Email : shamsulsaiman1972@gmail.com
# Upgrade Resume Anda_Tips Untuk 'Shortlist'
Kami menyediakan servis untuk 'upgrade' dan 'enhance' resume anda ke tahap pro-resume,sesuai dgn kelayakan dan pengalaman anda,supaya client memahami isi kandungan dan tahu apa yang anda ingin 'pursue' jawatan yang sesuai untuk anda.
Kami juga menyediakan tips2 untuk memohon kerja.
Berminat,sila send resume anda ke shamresumeupgrading@gmail.com untuk di'review'.
Segala detail akan diberitahu dalam email tersebut.
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